The Group

Cambridge Flying Group Club House

Cambridge Flying Group HQ

We are a 'group' rather than a 'school' or 'club'.  Members are expected to help with the running of the group.  There are many ways to take part. Every year there is an AGM and a committee elected to take charge. Others members act as volunteers helping with operations or engineering. All our instructors are volunteers. Flying members take turns as "duty pilots" at weekends helping with the preparation, refuelling and ground handling of the aircraft.  Pilots clean their aircraft after use ready for the next pilot.

In addition to flying activities the group organizes social events including barbecues, and Christmas Dinner.  Alongside the "flying" members - pilots and students - there is an active group of "associate" social members.

Finding Us

The group has its headquarters on Marshall Airport. We can be reached via airport entrance F at the Teversham end of Newmarket Road. This leads to a car park, at the far end of which is a locked gate with a telephone which can be used to contact the club house and gain entry to the airfield. 

Ground School in Briefing Room

 Ground School in Briefing Room

The Group HQ has a welcoming lounge where pilots and friends can relax before and after flights.  Our training room is used for ground school  and our flight planning room is equipped with a computer to access weather information and NOTAMs.  There is also a flight simulator for those wanting to revise IMC procedures.