Flight Training

Instructor and Student Pilot

Instructor and Student Pilot

Cambridge Flying Group is one of a few groups able to offer ab initio training for the Private Pilots Licence using Tiger Moths, recreating the experience of WWII RAF pilots and aviation pioneers. 

Being a relatively slow aircraft, with high drag and a moderate power, the Tiger Moth needs to be flown accurately to get the best from it.  This makes it more challenging than with a modern aircraft, but you'll end up a better pilot!  

With a PPL you can go on to fly any type of "single engine piston" aircraft.  Building on what they learned at Cambridge Flying Group several  members have gone on fly other classic aircraft including the Chipmunk, Harvard, Hurricane and Spitfire.

PPL Conversions

If you already have a PPL we offer a conversion course to teach you the new skills required to fly the Tiger Moth such as prop swinging, three point and wheeler landings.  You'll also  develop "seat of the pants" flying skills that will hone your general flying.

Advanced Training

Tiger Moth Ready to Start

Ready to Start

With your PPL in the bag we can offer several levels of more advanced training.  The Tiger Moth is "semi-aerobatic" so we can teach you loops, barrel rolls, stall turns, spins and other manoeuvres.  Pairing up with another PPL we can teach you the elements of formation flying.  Using a modern Fuji FA-200 aircraft available to our members you can train to fly on instruments in bad weather or at night.